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Pharneechar.com holds a vital role when it comes to eliminating those extra steps in order to get an economical yet sturdy pharneechar that broadens your living space as wide as your smile! With a range of extensive and impressive pharneechar, it seats comfort with utmost care for you.

Behind every attractive pharneechar there is a story to tell!

Pharneechar.com’s tell a tale started when the CEO and FOUNDER- Mr. Pradeep Kumar of WebReinvent was incubated with the remodelling of his house. Running pillar to post to meet a store suiting all his furniture requirements, with tardy knowledge, he was cushioned in a world of despair with nothing to meet his wants- of time-saving, fair at its price, swanky furnitures.
Now as we all know ‘time is money’, the super busy CEO was tired with online furniture options being ridiculously expensive and running from store to store.
Never leaving any task incomplete, he took this as a challenge to eradicate and eliminate the struggles behind furniture shopping.

What started off as a personal challenge, took a turn towards a determined road to provide reasonable, high-quality wood pharneechars with free delivery covering one year of service warranty. Also, our pharneechars makes you save like never before, it snippety snaps your local store to store run and gives you an experience of true luxury at comparable cost but much better quality! Sounds like a deal, right?

How are we different?

Pharneechar sells better when you get to place it in real space and with our soon to come option of choose, pick, and place; your concerns will surely meet its end! Be ready to dwell in your dream pharneechar with this soon to be incorporated concept.

With many customers down our road now, we have always targeted to hit not just urbanites but also everyday pharneechar shopper befitting their demands with our wide sturdy range, making your home our pride!

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